If you own a property and are thinking of selling then no doubt you've given your property a good spruce up, painted over that old water stain on the kitchen ceiling, you may have even replaced the carpet on the stairs after the kids kindly gave it that camouflage look that you weren't really going for. If you have done all of these then great, presentation is one of the key things when selling your home. But what about your garden? How much time have you spent out there, making it look neat and tidy and putting some thought into making look as good as it possibly can?Believe it or not, but that space at the back of your property (and at the front for that matter) is probably one of the most important “rooms” that you own, particularly at this time of year. No matter how big or how small that space is, it is well worth spending a bit of time and a bit of money out there. We're not suggesting that you spend £1000s on landscape gardeners to come and completely transform the space, but a well looked after lawn, a jet washed decking, weed free borders and a splash of colour here and there can make the world of difference. So if you are getting ready to sell, spend a bit of time in your garden, believe us you'll see the value of your efforts when those offers from potential buyers starting coming in. Getting ready to market your property? You've tidied until you can tidy no more, you've painted the skirting boards, you've cleaned the windows... But is there a room that you've forgotten?