Why we love Forest Hill
Why we love Forest HillI was asked the other day what makes someone move to Forest Hill. This is a question I can answer on a personal level, as well as a professional one, having lived here for almost 10 years.My wife and I had lived in Clapham for six years when we decided to move to Forest Hill. Back then, even though it's less than a decade ago, Forest Hill was very different. With my property professional head on I saw Forest Hill as a place which had a huge amount of unrealised potential at the time. Looking at the move with a view to my family's future it made a lot of sense as a good place for our next move.So what's changed in the years we've lived here? Well, when the East London Line went ahead it made it possible to get to East London and Canary Wharf in less than 20 minutes. This had an effect on the area and brought an influx of new people keen to take the opportunity of great transport links, good primary schools, some fantastic open spaces and affordable homes. Commercially the place has changed enormously during my family's time here. Independent coffee shops, boutiques and galleries have opened up to give the area a very different feel.We'd been priced out of Clapham and Forest Hill presented itself as a chance to have a family home somewhere nice which wouldn't break the bank.I deal with a lot of buyers who are making the move for the same reasons we did. Young families and couples are being priced out of buying in other parts of London like Islington and Hackney and Forest Hill offers the kind of lifestyle they desire.Our favourite local places include the Horniman Museum and Gardens and as an outdoor type I also love Blythe Hill and Mayow Park, we may occasionally cross the borders to Dulwich but try to stay locally as much as possible!Even though the area has undergone some big changes there is still a strong stream of community spirit which runs through it. We love it here in SE23 and I can hand on heart say it's the best move we've ever made.Thanks for reading.Ben, I was asked the other day what makes someone move to Forest Hill.